Thursday, 14 April 2011

China: Partnership with Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology

As the PMI2 Connect project on Employability and Entrepreneurship of London College of Fashion in partnership with Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology has come to an end, Dr Lynne Hammond (Manager of International Partnerships Development at LCF) has presented the partners ideas on project sustainability beyond initial funding at a British Council workshop held in Manchester for all UK programme participants.

See the summary of sustainable strategies discussed at this link.

At the workshop it was highlighted, that volume 3 (issue 1) of the Journal of Chinese Entrepreneurship published by the Emerald Group is a special issue on the British Council Initiative for International Education 2 (PMI2) and its impact on enhancing employability, entrepreneurship and global citizenship in international higher education.

The PMI2 Connect project of LCF in partnership with
BIFT was implemented from April 2009 to March 2011.

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